Sunday, June 06, 2004

She walks out with empty arms.


What's up boys and girls?? I suppose it's time to step up into the 21st century and start my own little blog, eh?

So here's a quick bit about me. I'm a hip, way cool 23 year old dude from Visalia, California. (Although I'm waiting to transfer to UC Santa Cruz in September. Junior. Majoring in Philosophy and minoring in polictics.) I'm working two jobs over summer. It keeps me busy (and tired), but it's all good. 'Cause, you know... moving to the beach in September. :)

So anywho...

Me and my buddy Josh went to see Michale Graves in Santa Cruz (okay, it was some little town right outside of Santa Cruz, but it's all good)on Thursday. You bet your ass it was sweet!! For those who may not know, Michale freaking Graves is, seriously, my idol. He's the man. I've listened to that guy since 1997, so I was seriously stoked to meet him. And for those reading who may not know who Michale Graves is... you suck. Yeah, he passed me the mic during Dig Up Her Bones. So... for argument's sake... I sang a song with Michale Graves. ;) How utterly amazing is that? That's right, I'm a rock superstar now. Oh yeah... and like all of Graves' clothes were made out of black duct tape!! How tight! I found the Mecca of black duck tape at my job yesterday... Imagine how stoked I was! I'm duct taping EVERYTHING now! You should see this fat ass scarecrow man hat I made out of duct tape. Fashion trend of the 21st century, man! ;)

Let's see... It's Sunday, June 6, 2004... Let's see what's happening on this crazy little island called Earth.

WELL!! We were gonna take a spin around the news, but the first thing I came across was a count of the 799 men and and women who have died in the war in Iraq as of today. (This is the war in Iraq only, not all of "Operation Enduring Freedom.") Gotta love the irony in that name. But anyway, go to the Washington Post to
see pics of all the people who have died. You may have to register, but it's worth it. Especially since a bunch of links I post will lead to the Washington Times. 800 dead, no weapons of mass destruction, Saddam has been captured... why are we still fighting? Especially when we let the new government "take power" shortly. Just as in Afghanistan, we will continue killing and we will continue dying...

In other news, here's a report from Reuters (linked by, that shows another MAJOR intelligence failure before 9/11. A German documentary has claimed that the Taliban tried to negotiate Osama's extradition a year before the attacks.

Also, the Portland Press Herald quotes the former President Bush Sr on former President Reagan's passing this weekend:

"Some of the liberals in New York were wringing their hands and going crazy," Bush said. "And sure enough, a lot happened on his watch that was very, very positive towards a new world order, toward a peace."

There is, of course, no New World Order conspiracy... This is just a coincidence.

Here's an entertaining article of Bush's erradic behavior and paranoia from Capitol Blue. Rumor has it (rumor=latest conspiracy theory) that Tenet, Powell, and others were involved in a plot to kill Bush. But things like that don't really happen in our government... Tenet resigned 'cause none of his family members that are ill need him and Bush is just paranoid because Osama hasn't been captured after 3 years.

Alright, that's all the good news for now.

I'm out.